Successful Weight Loss Hypnosis Instant Download

Imagine how you would feel if you could wake up tomorrow feeling in control around food.

At Chris Hughes Hypnotherapy we have a different approach to weight loss. Our unique natural weight loss hypnotherapy program focuses on you and helps you to change your eating habits for life not just for a few weeks.

Simply relax and listen for about 15 minutes per day, that's all you have to do. Our approach is based upon proven principals, delivered on an easy to use MP3 file, to give you what you need, quickly and comfortably on your MP3 player / iPod / PC at home.

Using hypnotherapy you'll stop your self-defeating thoughts, reject negative ideas and lose weight naturally with little or no effort. You'll be amazed, when you discover how easy it is to resolve the issues causing your overeating.


Lose weight Naturally - Become the Shape you Want to Be

FACT - Around 95% of people who go on a diet put the weight straight back on when they finish the diet and often more than when they started! There’s a very good reason for this – diets make you crave food. Suddenly, the only thing you can think about are the very foods you can't have!

What diets fail to do is deal with the emotional causes of overeating. Whether it be boredom, stress, loneliness or some other emotion. Hypnotherapy will help deal with the underlying cause of your emotional eating and increase your motivation to lose weight naturally and stay slim for good.

Every thought you have impacts on you.
If you have a history of dieting failure or a poor self image, your memories are loaded with negative programming. No matter how much conscious effort you put into losing weight, your subconscious mind is flooding your body with negative messages that have been ingrained for years.

With our Natural Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program you will change the way you think about food, eat healthily and love to eat nutritious foods. Easily turn down the sweets and fats that sabotage your success. High cholesterol levels are a result of over eating and a poor diet. Reducing the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol you eat is a very significant step in reducing high blood cholesterol levels.

Losing weight helps in so many ways! Imagine how great you will feel when...

  • Friends and family start to notice a change in your appearance
  • You find yourself dropping a size
  • You can look back at all the old photos of the old you and tell everyone how you did it
  • You have the confidence to wear whatever you want
  • You feel so much more in control of your life

Why Use Hypnosis to lose weight?

Using hypnosis to lose weight is once of the most effective ways to achieve the natural changes you want to make to your life. It's a completely natural process and is an enjoyable and relaxing experience that can help you lose weight naturally. Using hypnosis makes your appetite a friend and now longer an enemy. There is no more diets and you are free to eat whatever healthy foods you want to. Its all about getting back control of your weight and help you to have a much healthier future.

Imagine how great life will be once you've lost weight!

Your confidence levels will increase as you become a more slimmer, healthier and fitter person. No longer will you have a bad relationship with food. You will be able to enjoy food without having to do sporadic dieting

This is our number one best selling weight loss MP3.

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Low Cost, Downloadable and Totally Flexible

It’s low cost:
This self hypnosis mp3 is a great alternative to 1 or 3 one-to-one hypnosis sessions and the great thing is you can listen to it as many times as you want!

It’s downloadable:
Just purchase and you will be able to instantly download it. This audio download is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all mp3 players

It’s totally flexible:
You can listen to it as many times as you want. It is yours for life and you can use it to support your weight loss ongoing weight loss

So what are you waiting for?

The sooner you download this mp3 the sooner you can start losing weight!

This self hypnosis session has been recorded by Chris Hughes and is designed to give you the results you want without the need for dieting.


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