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For over 10 years I have been using clinical hypnotherapy treatments to help transform the lives of people. Using simple techniques I can help you become what you want to be or simply stop doing things that you don’t want to do anymore. Why not make an appointment today with one of our hypnotherapy clinics at Harley Street London or Oxfordshire today.


Treating addiction and helping you to Identify those negative emotions that are feeding addiction.


Get control of your feelings and prevent your anger becoming destructive and more damaging.


Learn how you can control Anxiety, remove uncomfortable feelings and take back control of your life.

Comfort Eating

Learn how your relationship with food is about your relationship with yourself and your feelings.


Switch off the destructive voices of lack of confidence, so you can live the life you want.


Helps to enhance an overall sense of well-being, lift mood, and boost feelings of hopefulness.

Fears and Phobias

Hypnotherapy helps you unlearn the fear response, build up exposure and ease the anxiety.


Guilt is a negative emotion that all of us experience in life, learn to get it into perpective.


Hypnotherapy for insomnia tackles potential causes while helping you relax and drop off to sleep.

Low Self Esteem

Create genuine feelings of self worth and self belief so you can start to live the life you desire.


Motivation is often the difference between success or failure in anything you're looking to achieve.

Panic Attacks

Overcome anxiety, get back control and free yourself from panic attacks with hypnotherapy.

Public Speaking

Using hypnotherapy we can help you to speak out in public with confidence and panache.

Stop Smoking

Let us help you break the habit and become successful non-smokers permanently after just one session.

Stress Reduction

Feeling tired, restless, anxious and upset? Hypnotherapy helps you get your stress back under your control.

Weight Loss

Using hypnosis to lose weight is an effective way to achieve the changes you want to make.

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